4 Easiest Healthy Habits To Lose Fat


We are all guilty of not making healthier decisions or choices and it is totally fine. We aren’t perfect! But in the long run, all these little healthy choices will be very beneficial as you get older. Here are just some simple easy tips that worked for me, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from them too!

1. Eat more unprocessed food

One of the things that I found most helpful is eating more whole, unprocessed foods.

Unprocessed foods will tend to make you feel more full compared to processed.

Processed foods are packed with sodium, salt, preservatives and all the unnecessary extra calories which you don’t need.

Here are some examples of unprocessed and processed food:

Processed (food you should avoid!)
– most of the microwavable foods
– deli meat
– fast food
– potato chips

Unprocessed (food you should eat!)
– fresh fruits & vegetables
– eggs
– lean meat (eg. free range chicken, grass fed beef, wild fish)
– nuts & seeds (almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds)

If you want to find out more about processed vs unprocessed food, you can check out this link.

2. Snack healthier

We are all guilty of snacking foods like potato chips, chocolate, instant noodles and so on. If you’re the type that loves to snack a lot, try snacking on healthier options such as nuts, whole oatmeal, rice cakes, and greek yogurt.

You can also check out THENATIVEFOODCOMPANY, they provide the best healthy and protein snacks from all around the world! If you use my code ‘MICHK’ upon check out, you get to save some $$!

A few snack ideas (which I personally love):
– greek yogurt with honey
– rice cakes topped with peanut butter
– full boiled eggs with mayonnaise

p/s: If you love bread, try rice cakes – a great low-calorie alternative. You can find them at any grocery store. You can eat them with what you usually eat with your bread. But don’t eat them too often as some say that they have a certain amount of sodium in them.

3. Be careful of what you drink

A can of coke is roughly 140 calories. Most of the sodas contain roughly ~200 calories plus and minus. You may think that all these drinks won’t cost you – but it does.

Always opt for better options such as drinking water, green tea, iced tea.

Most of the time especially when I’m out, I usually order water. Even at home, I rarely drink unnecessarily unless I have a lot of calories left.

Read more: Why I Started This Healthy Lifestyle

4. Always be on the move

Whenever you can, always try to burn the extra calories by walking more, or taking the stairs if the floor is just a few floors above (or if you are not feeling lazy, then opt for the stairs all the time even when it’s 6 floors above!).

Exercise whenever you can, even simple exercises at home makes a difference!

Try searching up ‘HIIT’ exercises on youtube, there are tons of them! HIIT is one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Click here for the HIIT exercises.

You don’t need to exercise for an hour or more. It only takes 30 minutes out of 24 hours a day.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Try to consider incorporating them into your daily lives, I assure you that it’ll make a huge difference 🙂

Remember to always be patient. Changes don’t occur within a few weeks, it takes alot of time, consistency and effort.

Don’t give up so easily when you don’t see any differences within a few weeks – give it time. Months, years. You’ll get there.

x chelle

A Better Florist Brings Affordable Bouquets to Malaysia


If you love fresh, cut flowers but find them too expensive, then here’s some good news for you. The Best Singapore Flower Delivery finally brings top quality yet budget-friendly Flowers Malaysia. A Better Florist has managed to perfect the formula of providing better flowers, better customer service and better delivery without the hefty price tag!

Their journey from struggling startup to Best Flower Delivery was not easy. A lot of hard lessons were learned, but they emerged better for it, just like their brand. They’re always working to provide better products, better services and better customer experience. Before becoming the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur, they first perfected their craft in Singapore.


They figured out that curation is key to streamlining their online shop. Instead of hundreds and hundreds of similar-looking bouquets, flower boxes and vase arrangements, their brilliant florists decided to curate their floral designs to showcase only the best and most versatile designs for Same Day Flower Delivery. Flowers are also handcrafted on the day of purchase to ensure maximum freshness and peak form. This not only saves customers precious time, it’s also a sustainable way of running an online shop because it decreases incidents of spoilage.


Creativity, sustainability and innovation coalesce to make A Better Florist the Best Florist in Kuala Lumpur. All these values can be seen in their creative and contemporary collection of bouquets, baskets, flower boxes, Flower Stand KL, wreaths and table arrangements. Their funeral flower delivery has been highly praised not just for the beautiful designs, but also the quick and discreet delivery of the blooms. Meanwhile, their handcrafted bouquets continue to be popular for both young professionals and the flower-loving populace looking to brighten someone’s day.


A Better Florist’s online shop also features an array of Hamper and gift baskets. For ailing and recovering loved ones, they have the Get Well Soon hamper collection filled with healthy goodies. Fruit basket delivery is also a great gift for recuperating friends or family members. Orchard-fresh fruits are not only delicious, they’re also food for wellness. You can also browse their New Born Baby Hamper collection which look pretty and picture perfect with a great selection for both baby boys and baby girls.

Whatever product you decide to buy from A Better Florist, they will surely arrive on time. Their standard same day delivery for Fruit basket delivery and funeral flower delivery applies to all areas in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Best of all, it’s absolutely free of charge! So if you want an online florist to deliver your bouquet quickly and efficiently so it won’t ruin the surprise, A Better Florist has your back.


It’s only natural that when a business reaches a certain level of success, they start to branch out. For A Better Florist, international expansion was their first order of business to make farm-fresh flowers accessible to more people. Two of their recent expansions are already paying off! Their flower delivery UAE has already impressed Middle Eastern customers. An influencer even included A Better Florist among the best Flower Delivery Dubai. Similarly, the unique and refreshing Hong Kong Flowers crafted by their Florist in Hong Kong has propelled A Better Florist into the best HK florist list.


So if you’re looking for top-notch flower bouquets without spending a fortune, A Better Florist is the way to go!

4 Things To Remember When Life Gets Hard


Well, it’s been awhile. My last post was on January 1st.

It’s already February now! Time flies…

One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging (or following my so-called blogging schedule) is because my mind wasn’t in a good state – negative thoughts and all that.

It’s important to take care of yourself first – your mental health. So that’s what I did (you should too!).

I’ll be starting a series called #WellnessWednesdays where I blog about wellness in general on Wednesdays (if I manage to follow….) so expect some wellness posts on upcoming Wednesdays! 🙂

Moving on – this blog post is inspired by a Korean short film. I recently watched this short Korean drama series (and it made me cried buckets of tears) – KBS Drama Specials – usually 1 hour+ short films. You can watch it here. It made me realize how there are other people wishing they could live longer and here we are sometimes wishing our life is shorter.

For those of you that need little reminders here, this post is to remind you to not give up and just keep going.

Here are 4 things to remind yourself when life is tough:

  1. You are considered lucky.
    In the short film, the main character was wondering why was her life cut short. She wanted to live longer. She was so desperate to live more.

    You were given birth by your very own mother who went through so much of pain just to deliver you.

    You still have a beating heart. You still have a living soul.

    These little things are what counts – you are so blessed already to be able to live and breath like a normal person would.

    Being alive is a very lucky thing. Embrace it – even when life gets in the way.

  2. Pain is temporary.
    The pain you are feeling right now, all the hardships, breakups and struggles – it’s only temporary.

    It will pass.

    No pain lasts forever unless you choose to let it consume you. Don’t let it take over your life – be the change. You can have a good life – if you allow yourself to.

    Be kind to yourself, let happiness into your life. Free yourself from all the negativity and the ones that cause you pain or problems.

    Be good to yourself because you deserve it.

  3. You are loved.
    Take a step back and take a look at the people around you.

    I know – it sounds so cheesy and cringy. But it’s true. You are loved.

    You never know – you might be someone else’s happiness. You might be the reason they wake up every day. You can even put a smile on their face daily.

    People are happy to have you. You might not know it – but there are those that are happy to have you in their lives. They enjoy your company, they love being around you. They love talking to you.

    Remember them.

  4. It can’t be stormy and rainy forever.
    Maybe you have been constantly been let down, so many disappointments, failures and so on. Maybe you feel that you aren’t good enough for your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, friend.. or in general.

    Maybe you are struggling to put food on the table, to make ends meet… to build yourself a good career… to make your loved ones proud.. to be good at a job you’re currently struggling with…

    Don’t think that just because your life sucks right now that it’ll suck forever.It will get better.

    I promise.

    Just hang in there for a while longer – and don’t give up. Just keep pushing yourself – and I promise that you will see rays of sunshine and rainbows at the end.

    Just like the weather, rain and storms come and go.
    Just like the struggles and hardships, they will come and go as well.

I hope all of you have a good month ahead!

Stay positive always.

x chelle

Haraju-Cube @ SS15, Courtyard

Finally – Haraju-Cube opens in Subang Jaya!! Their main branch is in Empire Damansara, I’ve only been there once. This is my second time and I’m just glad that they opened nearby so don’t have to travel all the way to Damansara. I went around 11PM, the last call is around 12.30am!


So we ordered the Caramel Honey toast and their fresh juice – Mango & Orange.
The Mango&Orange costs RM13.90.

Caramel Honey (RM27.90)
This toast comes with honeycomb bits (which gets stuck in your teeth but it’s still good!), topped with vanilla ice cream. Very sweet though, so this would be a good option if you love sweet stuff especially honey and caramel. The portion quite huge so better to have someone to share with you!


They also serve brunch and snacks aside from dessert.


Lot G-03, Ground Floor,
SS15 Courtyard,
Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs & Sun: 10AM to 12AM
Fri & Sat: 10AM to 1AM

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Crush Your Fitness Goals For 2018


Have you ever thought to yourself: I want his or her body. I wish I can get his/her body. I want to be skinny. I want to lose weight.

It shouldn’t be that way at all.

You should be thinking: I want to live a healthy life. I want to be active. I want to be a better version of myself.

In the end, it all comes down to the real reason as to why you want to work out, exercise or go to the gym, which is: for yourself. Not anyone else, but yourself.

Focus on you and your own body. Work on your body, figure out what works best for you.

You don’t need to have another person’s body. You don’t need to be envious of others and their physique. You don’t need to compare yourself with others. You are perfect in every way, those people who you wish to become? They all have flaws, just like you. They too had to work hard to get to where they are. You can do it too. You should not only focus just on losing weight since it will become a short-term thing.

Be the better version of yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself well, I’m sure as hell that I believe in you! Even if it takes time, no matter how long it is.

You. Will. Get. There.

There’s no rush anyway, this isn’t a race. There’s no reason to be chasing time (unless you have a photoshoot coming up or you’re competing).

Don’t let other people’s words affect you, especially if they are demotivating words.

Only you know your progress and how bad or well you are doing. The others don’t know the effort you put in or how hard you work.

You wanna gain more muscle or fat because you’re too skinny?

You can do it.

You wanna lose fat (NOT lose weight!) and reduce the flabbiness of your arms and stomach?

You can do it.

You can bloody do it. 2018? Yeah. You’re gonna be whopping 2018’s ass because you are so gonna goddamn get what you want and ACHIEVE it. You don’t even need to just go to the gym.

Yoga? POP Pilates? Muay Thai? Zumba? Jogging? Running? Football? Swimming?

You can achieve your fitness goals with ALL of the above! Find what you love, and do it. Don’t just be a couch potato. The main reason for all of these goals is to live a healthy, well-balanced life.

Of course, nutrition plays a HUGE part as well. But if you don’t consume junk food or food with high sodium every single day & hour, I’m sure you’re good to go.

It’s all about BALANCE.

Don’t be eating McDonald’s and cup noodles every day then wonder why nothing is changing.

Plan it out, and you’ll get there.

Figure out what is your 2018 Fitness Goal, and take the steps necessary to achieve it.

Remember, this is not a diet. This is not a short-term thing.

It is long-term, it is a lifestyle. It is a lifelong journey.

x chelle